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Outagamie Area Chapter of Pheasants Forever - Habitat Page

Outagamie Area Chapter of Pheasants Forever - Habitat Page

Local Habitat Efforts

Outagamie Area Chapter of Pheasants Forever members are passionate about improving and conserving habitat that benefits pheasants and other wildlife. Pheasants Forever unique model empowers local chapters with the responsibility to determine how 100 percent of their locally-raised conservation funds will be spent.

Whether it's through improving habitat, informing the public about land management, or educating future generations of hunting enthusiasts, conservation is the underlying principle in all we do at the grassroots level.

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Our Dedication to Habitat

The chapter supports the Pheasants Forever mission by being dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail, and other wildlife through habitat improvement, public awareness, education, and land management policies and programs.

The chapter works closely with national, state, and county agencies to promote various conservation programs.  We partner with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to help fund and give guidance on habitat projects on public lands.  Every year the chapter and the Department of Natural Resources host a habitat work day where invasive brush and trees are cleared in order to restore the land to native grassland.  Northeast Wisconsin also has a Pheasants Forever Farm Bill Biologist who can assist private land owners with habitat projects and by making land owners aware of various cost share programs available to them. Our chapter contributes funds annually, which helps support the Farm Bill Biologist position in Northeast Wisconsin.

As stewards of the environment, chapter volunteers clean up the parking lots on public lands annually.  The public lands are open to everyone but it is usually hunters or other outdoor recreationists who may get blamed for the trash left behind.  This is a great family event that gives back to the community.

Our chapter also has a Prescribed Burn Crew available to local landowners to safely conduct controlled burns to maintain grasslands. Pricing is very competitive and we offer professional-level service which includes the appropriate insurance. If you are a landowner who is interested in using fire as a management tool but just don't have the experience or time to implement it, just contact us and we'll take care of it. Contact us today for more information!

Preserving our Natural Resources

Preserving our Natural Resources

Creating, restoring, and maintaining habitat is a constant battle. We invite you to join the Outagamie Area Chapter of Pheasants Forever in its quest to ensure a country rich in natural resources and long on people willing to work to preserve them. After all, natural resources - pheasants, quail, and other wildlife, plus the land, air, and water on which they live - are our greatest resources.

A common question our chapter receives is why should a prairie be burned, or, doesn’t fire cause damage to the land? Fire is and always has been part of many natural systems. Much of Outagamie and Calumet Counties was historically prairie that was maintained through burning before the area was settled.

The grassland habitat and associated wildlife was not destroyed by regular burning but in fact depended on it. Fire rejuvenates grasslands and recycles nutrients back into the soil, and encroaching brush is set back. All of these factors result in high quality grassland habitat for several wildlife species including pheasants.

Local Chapter Projects

Local Chapter Projects

Every year the Outagamie Area Chapter of Pheasants Forever has ongoing projects throughout the community. With our proceeds from fundraising and donations from the community, we are fortunate enough to give back, putting part of our money in the ground to preserve habitat throughout our region.  If you know of a project or would like to learn more about how to help in the effort to preserve your local habitat, please feel free to contact us with any questions.